Ambulatory Reflections

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walking-1My wife typically tells me, as she is two steps behind, that I walk too fast. I, indeed, do have a quick pace, which is even more pronounced when I am alone, weaving through the crowds near the Empire State Building or jumping a light when it is flashing 3 seconds.
But, lately I have slowed down, although not because of my wife’s admonitions. Instead, because of a bone spur on the heel of my right foot I have tendonitis in my Achilles’. So, I am not only walking more slowly but also now have a slight limp. As the pain is diminishing through physical and electronic therapy walking is less painful but I am still cautious about any rapid movements. So, over the past several weeks I have been forcibly enlightened on the benefits of moving a bit more slowly and, consequently, being able to see the world at a slower pace. I, indeed, am now observing with more clarity and mentally recording my movements more intensely than I ever did. On the other hand, I am looking forward to being without pain and it is likely when that happens I will be back to my “normal” pace and my wife’s reproofs.

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