Donald Trump and I Have Something in Common?

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HeelSpurIt seems that I and Donald Trump have something in common. I have a bone spur on the back of the heel of my right foot – not a particularly common location (they usually form on the bottom of the heel and are associated with inflammation of the connective tissue [plantar fascia] that runs along the underside of the foot).

It is not clear where Mr. Trump’s spurs, which were found in 1968, are located and not even in which foot.  But we do know that they prevented him from being drafted.  It seems it (or they) were still large enough, almost fifty years later, that he was able in 2015 to show to his biographer a tiny bulge on his heel. When questioned soon thereafter which foot had a spur, Mr. Trump could not recall. His campaign later released a statement saying that the spurs were on both feet.

Not all bone spurs cause pain but Mr. Trump has said that his spurs were a minor malady and they “healed up” over a period of time, suggesting that they caused him, at some point in his life, at least some discomfort.

I commend Mr. Trump for having, it seems, bone spurs on both his heels, and that for the past 48 years he has managed to have had no significant pain. In my case, having a single spur, the pain was at times severe enough that walking was almost impossible (see my December 2015 post). Over many months of therapy and stretching, I have managed to diminish the major painful symptoms; however, unlike Mr. Trumps’ “healed up” spurs, mine likely will always be with me, causing at least some intermittent pain. It seems that Mr. Trump’s spurs, although not causing him any painful walking issues, may still cause him some discomfort in his “run” for office!

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