Creativity from Within

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Michelangelo, Slave (detail of face) Accademia, Florence

Camus described the writing of The Stranger as if the book was “traced within him.” The idea of fiction existing inside the writer, as if lurking there to emerge, is part of a modernist credo. Proust, a writer otherwise at odds with Camus, expressed in Time Regained the same idea of characters that are already “forged within us, rather than sketched by us…”

In similar fashion, Michelangelo believed a sculptor to be a tool of God, not creating but simply revealing figures already contained in the marble. But, these figures were, in fact, those within Michelangelo himself, struggling to see the light of day. Just as the sculptor employed his chisels to chip away the excess to expose what lay beneath, so Camus and Proust used pen and paper to reveal their characters, who had been hiding within the writers themselves.

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